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The Liverpool Magic Circle
Our patron is Sir Ken Dodd  OBE

As magicians, we use the tools of our craft to create an experience of mystery, astonishment and pure wonder. With a working knowledge of these secrets we can weave a spell upon the audience to amaze, amuse and even inspire. But these are by no means the only secrets of magic. One can no more reveal or expose the real secrets than one can take apart a piano to find the music inside. For the magic, like the music, exists only in that timeless moment of the performer and the performance. It is then and only then, that the craft of magic is elevated to what Maskelyne So aptly called "The High Art of Magic".

Remember: even though the effects are illusion, the experience that is created is very real ... Jay Scott Berry,

Our patron Sir Ken Dodd OBE
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Monday April 3rd - Chris Randall Lecture
More to follow
2017 Lectures
Monday March 6th -Chris Mayhew  Lecture
Monday June 12th - Christian Engblom  Lecture
We meet on the first Monday in the month except for the Lectures that have been previously been booked
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